How We Work

The basic outlines of a project workflow

The workflow your project will follow is customized to the full scope of what you, as a unique client, specifically neeed.  However, that being said, there are some commonalities to designing and implementing systems that can be used to illustrate the basics.  We can use the common workflow of developing a website as an example with minor differences in nomenclature and precise details for most other implementations. Be assured that in your proposal, there will a clear outline of the workflow you should expect for your exact project, but this will give you a glimpse!


Discovery &

This is where we gather not only the specifics of your immediate project, but a larger understanding of your business goals and culture.  We use this information to ensure that we find solutions that become integral to your business and growth.


Sitemap &
Information Flow

This is the space where we define basic functionality, data repositories, and the basic elements needed to accomplish the needed results.  This is also where we work to leave sufficient room in the structure to add new elements or significantly grow in future phases.


Prototype &

Here, we are separating form from function.  The prototype is deliberately stripped of it's 'pretty' elements (form) so that we can verify the basic functionality (function) of information flow and access will be what you need.


Design &

Now the fun begins!  We dive in and make it a functional system that supports your culture and your workflow.  We make it support and extend your branding and the spirit of your desired user experience. This is the space disappear for a few weeks deep into the connections and nitty gritty of bringing it to life.


Delivery &

Here you finally get the 'keys to the car' so to speak.  As part of the proposal, we will have arranged for a 'training' period, where we run you through the paces and plan to re-visit and verify that it is working as expected.  Our goal is to leave you feeling like your system is a functionally integrated part of your business ... not as unrelated 'other things to do.'


Care Plan & Maintenance

This is a living system operating within your living business. Things will need tweaking and tuning to maintain high performance ... just like a car or machinery. The harder and more specific you need your system to work, the more important regular maintenance becomes.  It is an integral part of achieving overall success for you to commit to ongoing care.

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Kaizen Strategic

Our passion and niche is in helping emerging businesses establish an internal path for growth; ensuring you have the systems set up that fit you now and will grow with you.

Our focus is to support and encourage your unique business culture and needs. We seek to develop solutions for both website development and infrastructure systems by working with you to define your current needs and future goals; making sure that what we build today will support your dreams for tomorrow.

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